Lightweight aggregate bottom ash

Bottom ash

Bottom ash is created in the environmentally friendly dry furnaces of modern hard coal fired power plants. Coal is pulverized and burned to generate energy. When the coal is blown into the boiler, the burners merely melt the surface of the non-combustible mineral components and they are carried along by the flue gas stream. Around 10 to 15 percent of the sintered ash particles bond together in the flue gas stream and fall to the bottom of the boiler due to their weight. This ash is referred to as bottom ash.

Kesseland Anwendung

Light, versatile in use, and climate-friendly

Bottom ash is an easy to use construction material which is used mostly in the production of concrete goods and in horticulture and landscaping. The individual bottom ash grains have a porous structure that gives them material characteristics similar to other natural and artificial lightweight aggregates. This combines with a high level of environmental compatibility: The use of bottom ash conserves natural resources. Moreover, no additional energy is consumed to produce it. On top of that, bottom ash is easily recycled. With interim storage, an average material moisture level of 20 to 25 percent can be attained.


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