A strong alliance

At the end of May 2021, the EPH subsidiary EP Power Europe (EPPE) acquired STEAG Power Minerals, which will in future trade under the name of EP Power Minerals GmbH.

For EP Power Minerals, the takeover opens up a host of new opportunities …

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We are EP Power Minerals

We see ourselves as European competence leader in the management of power plant by-products and blasting abrasives, along with industrial wastes.


With our subsidiaries and our international network we are service providers for industry and the construction sector, providing them with high-quality building materials, blasting abrasives and industrial minerals.


Our products such as fly ash, for example, enable us to contribute to reducing carbon footprints, and we are also investing in various future projects with alternative material sources to develop the long-term sustainability of our company.


With our competent employees, we are continuously modernizing our portfolio of materials and have always offered outstanding service quality and problem-solving expertise.



As a responsible service provider we consider it our duty not only to do our best for our customers and employees. Ethical and transparent business processes, protection of the environment, and regional social involvement likewise are important elements of our corporate self-image.

Our future lies in the hands of coming generations.

As an internationally operating company we are well aware of the importance and value of intercultural exchange based on mutual respect.

For this reason we are committed to work on behalf especially of children and young people in our communities, promote their educational opportunities, their creativity and their tolerance towards other cultures. At our Lünen site we have assumed a sponsorship for the “School without Racism – School with Courage” project at the Realschule Brambauer. Since 2015, students with roots in more than 20 nations have been taking an active stand against discrimination and for multicultural, tolerant coexistence – values that have the greatest significance also at our company.

Self-confidence, creativity and cultural interest are encouraged in the children’s club of the regional theater Burghofbühne Dinslaken. In the theater project, children between the ages of eight and eleven can freely express themselves on stage. EP Power Minerals furthers the participation of children from low-income families. Our intention is to do our part so that access to cultural education is not a question of parental income in future.

Since 2013 we have also been involved in the Dinslakener Tafel food bank. Traditionally, during the pre-Christmas period our employees donate food for needy families and presents for their children. 

We monitor our quality and performance to continually improve ourselves and our processes. We have this regularly checked and confirmed by external auditors: 

  • Quality management system to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Energy management system to DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 
  • Environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Add fly ash, cut CO2

Using fly ash as a clinker substitute in cement or as a cement replacement additive in concrete can reduce the ecological footprint of the respective cement or concrete per metric ton of fly ash used by a clearly measurable amount of CO2

It is inherent in our business

Because our work turns supposedly worthless by-products into valuable construction materials, and as a result conserves natural resources, the fundamental business philosophy of the Power Minerals Group is one of sustainability.


We can revert on a large international network of proven experts.

Netzwerkkarte von EP Power Minerals


STEAG Power Minerals, then trading under the name STEAG Entsorgungs GmbH (SEG), is established. Its task: to develop recycling techniques for power plant by-products and operate treatment plants.

STEAG Entsorgungs GmbH (SEG) also takes on the marketing of the residues – thus becoming a company that, for the first time, could offer all recycling and disposal services all year round and from under one roof. SEG already had a reputation then for expert technical consultancy and support to customers from the power generation and construction industries. In addition, the company developed its technical facilities further and took an active part in committees and associations. The company’s own logistics network including storage facilities also was continuously expanded. It even erected its own lime-sand brickworks and a fly ash drying plant which is unique in Europe.

Not only STEAG, but other power plant operators as well concluded disposal agreements with STEAG Power Minerals in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition, the company further expanded its national and European network especially since the turn of the millennium. In 2002 the company acquired ASIKOS Strahlmittel GmbH. Since SEG was established it had cooperated closely with this market leader for blasting abrasives. In 2012 ASIKOS was then integrated in the parent company.

STEAG Power Minerals continues to pursue its international growth strategy: with the Qatari joint venture Hawar Power Minerals the European market leader strengthens its presence in the Gulf region. In addition, with Photoment® STEAG Power Minerals puts a construction material on the market that receives the GreenTec Award for its air-cleaning properties. That same year, a ship with 44,000 tonnes of fly ash on board heads for the USA for the first time.

STEAG Power Minerals looks back on a 35-year success story. In its anniversary year, with just under 100 employees the company generates sales revenues of about 75 million euros and recycles around three million tonnes of power plant by-products.

SEM Deutschland
STEAG Energo Mineral Deutschland is founded and markets fly ash and other power plant by-products as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Polish STEAG Energo Mineral Sp. z o.o. The company is a reliable contact for customers in eastern Germany. In addition to the power plants in the east of Germany, several plants in Poland and the Czech Republic are available as sources of these by-products.

STEAG Power Minerals Asia Pte. Ltd.
In order to implement the Group’s strategic orientation in the key region of Southeast Asia, STEAG Power Minerals establishes the subsidiary STEAG Power Minerals Asia Pte. Ltd. in summer 2019. The company is located in Singapore, the hub of business activities in Southeast Asia. The objective is to further expand existing networks, promote the transfer of STEAG’s expertise to the Southeast Asian market and develop new activities together with local partners.

The STEAG Power Minerals Group takes over the majority shareholding in a slag processing plant at the Zossen site as of January 1, 2020. The aim is to process slag and ash from STEAG’s waste incineration plants and return them to the economic cycle. Part of the renamed company MINERALplus Stork GmbH & Co. KG, or MPS for short, continues to belong to Stork Holding GmbH. MINERALplus assumes operational responsibility for the new plant.

STEAG GmbH sells all the shares in STEAG Power Minerals GmbH, including all its subsidiaries, to EP Power Europe, a.s. EP Power Europe (EPPE), a subsidiary of the Czech energy group Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. (EPH), is an energy supplier focusing on power generation from conventional and renewable sources, with a strong focus on lignite and hard coal fired power generation. The acquisition of the STEAG Power Minerals Group is a strategic addition to existing activities in the EPH Group.


Construction and fuel laboratory

In its own construction and fuel laboratory, EP Power Minerals continuously ensures product quality and also carries out tests for its subsidiaries in Germany and abroad.

At the same time, the company provides its customers with direct access to its existing know-how. For example, they can use the laboratory's expertise to test the quality of their products, develop new products or concrete formulations or promote new applications for fly ash and other products.

Construction Materials Laboratory

Our construction materials laboratory is accredited under the terms of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for a broad range of tests on construction materials:

  • Tests on fresh and hardened concrete
  • Tests relating to binders and concrete additives
  • Chemical analyses
  • etc., etc…

Fuels Laboratory

Our accredited fuels laboratory examines solid fuels on behalf of energy companies and industrial customers.

  • Elemental and calorific value analyses
  • N4 tests
  • XRF analyses
  • etc., etc…

Waste Analysis Laboratory

The laboratory for waste analysis at our subsidiary MINERALplus is accredited as a testing laboratory to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and supports our plants and Group companies in the evaluation of waste and raw materials and in the quality assurance of the construction materials produced. By taking over self-monitoring, it also supports our subsidiary Felix Höltken GmbH in the production of RCL crushed stone, and EP Power Minerals GmbH itself with chemical tests in the self-monitoring of hard coal fly ash.

Do you have questions about product quality?

Or are you looking for experts who are familiar with special laboratory tests? Perhaps you want to develop new products or concrete formulations or need a contact person to drive new applications of fly ash or other products.

Then we are happy to be there for you with our construction and fuel laboratory in Gladbeck.

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