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FGD gypsum is gypsum obtained from flue gas desulfurization systems (FGDs). In the flue gas desulfurization system, sulfur is removed from the flue gas, for example with the aid of lime. FGD gypsum is chemically identical to natural gypsum, but usually of greater purity. FGD gypsum from modern power plants can completely replace natural gypsum in almost all applications. The German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) also welcomes the use of FGD gypsum as being ecologically beneficial.


Ecologically valuable and versatile

A variety of environmentally friendly gypsum construction materials of the highest quality are made with FGD gypsum. As a building material, gypsum can be rated favorably from a physiological viewpoint because it has a regulative effect on humidity. In Germany, gypsum is mainly used for interior finishing. Around 75 percent of gypsum output is used for plasterboard, building plasters like facing plaster, or filling compounds. The cement industry also uses FGD gypsum as a curing retardant in cement, and the ceramics industry uses it to make casting molds.

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