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Economically and ecologically.


Hafencity Bau

Using cementitious materials such as fly ash or granulated blast furnace slag in cement and concrete has economic and ecological value: Cementitious materials not only improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete, but also conserve natural resources and support the cement and concrete industry in its efforts to decarbonize.

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We supply fly ash, granulated blast furnace slag, and other materials to customers around the world. Drawing on our vast experience, we reliably organize the logistics from the production site to use in cement or concrete from our locations in Europe, Asia or America.

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High-quality products

To ensure the quality of our products, we employ process control and operational checks of material quality within the production process. We provide proof of conformity with the technical standards relevant to the various products through testing in accredited laboratories and regularly have this confirmed by third-party inspection and certification bodies.

We also support operators of coal-fired power plants in monitoring the fly ashes they produce by organizing a wide range of tests as part of in-house monitoring.

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