Significant strategic shift




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Our evolving corporate strategy focuses on securing sustainable supply of scarce supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) in the long future.

EP Power Minerals is going through the most significant strategic shift since its founding: We are evolving from the passive role of trading fly ash, which depends in large parts on the capacity factor of coal fired power plants in key markets. We are now investing to become the leading demand-oriented producer and marketer of quality SCMs with logistical capabilities to assure delivery quantities. We achieve this by optimising our business model and investing in new business opportunities.


Urban Mining / Urban Harvesting

We are tapping legacy landfills as a source for SCMs (Urban Mining) and improve the logistics and connectivity between the European SCM markets.

Urban Mining (also known as Urban Harvesting) refers to the process of recovering and recycling valuable resources and materials from discarded or waste products. It serves the conservation of natural resources through the targeted control of material flows.

When it comes to fly ash, Urban Mining helps to reduce the environmental impact of the combustion of coal in power plants. At the same time, Urban Mining projects enhance security of supply for our customers from the construction industry.


Diversify in materials

We are making other SCMs like granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS) from around the world available to our wide customer base. GBFS is a byproduct of the iron-making process in blast furnaces. It can enhance the strength, durability, and workability of concrete while reducing the overall environmental impact.

EP Power Minerals has initiated the most significant strategic shift since its founding.
Nils Jansen
Head of BU Cementitious Materials

More global trading

We are significantly expanding our global trading activities for importing SCMs and develop our international network. Our strong global trading team is following new paths and investing into new ideas.


Innovation projects

We are continuing our ongoing development project for natural pozzolans sourced in the south of Iceland. A feasibility study has already confirmed that the material has almost identical technical properties to hard coal fly ash and, as an additive for the cement industry, meets all the requirements of DIN EN 197-1. Our subsidiary EP Power Minerals Iceland ehf. is working on this exciting forward-looking project.

Moreover, we are deploying talents and technologies to improve the quality and expand the availability of SCMs.

With this business strategy, EP Power Minerals is laying the groundwork to become a key partner to the construction industry by providing cement and concrete manufacturers with the urgently needed predictability required to fully utilize SCMs as a vital component of cement to reduce the clinker content - thus reduce CO2 emissions.