“Power Plant By-Products” becomes “Cementitious Materials”

Our business unit “Power plant by-products” moves into a new era: Not only are we adapting its organizational structure. We are also changing the name to “Cementitious Materials”.

New name for our constantly growing future portfolio

Why? Because we want the name to reflect our core strength: As strategic partner of the construction industry, we are known for reliable, sustainable products – no matter where they come from. The new name fits so much better to our constantly expanding future portfolio which already includes a wide range of cementitious materials, e.g. GBFS or natural pozzolans, from around the world. It’s not the origin that should be the focus, but the purpose of use.

From summer on, we will then also appear with a "new face". Be curious and stay tuned to this website and follow us on LinkedIn to be always up to date!