Active for integration, equal treatment and human dignity

EP Power Minerals again supports the action day "School without Racism - School with Courage" of the Realschule in Lünen-Brambauer.

For many years now, the Realschule Brambauer has been working with its students to strengthen courage and personal responsibility and to counter racism and discrimination. In doing so, it can count on EP Power Minerals.

The students from grades 5 to 10 worked in groups on topics such as tolerance, personal strengths, and also bullying.

Where do we come from? What are our strengths? Fifth-graders explored these questions in a workshop with the school psychology service. Together, they drew a "class tree" with their individual strengths. Other fifth graders played cooperative games with each other from around the world.

What tools help develop more courage and work against bullying? Year 6 students found good ways to react in the form of slogans and used them to creatively design their own bags.

The DGB Youth Dortmund led the workshops in Year 7. "Arguments against the Right" sensitized the young people to recognize right-wing slogans in the media public sphere and social networks. In the "Borussia connects" project, the students learned how to identify discriminatory symbols in soccer stadiums and what they mean, as well as what the clubs are doing about it.

Years 8 and 9 dealt with tolerant behaviour in everyday life, flight and refugees, hatred on the Internet and National Socialism. In the 10th grade, the young people defined in the workshop of the organization "Wegweiser" what the terms respect, recognition and appreciation mean to them personally and worked together on possible actions for everyday school life that enable respectful coexistence.