Blasting abrasives


With decades of know-how, access to high quality raw materials and Europe’s most modern production facility, we are the people for you to contact for high-grade blasting abrasives and industrial minerals with maximum economic efficiency for every field of application.

As purely mineral products with small amounts of free silicic acid, the blasting abrasives from the blasting abrasives plant in Lünen are not only particularly environmentally friendly, but also ideal for use on various surfaces.


We manufacture our disposable blasting abrasive ASILIKOS from the environmentally friendly mineral substance slag tap granulate. ASILIKOS is available to you in a large variety of grain sizes. With ASILIKOS you can thus produce outstanding surface quality in terms of defined cleanness and roughness on a variety of base materials such as steel or concrete. 

Product data sheet ASILIKOS, german
Product data sheet ASILIKOS, english
Product data sheet ASILIKOS, french

Iron-free AFESIKOS is the ideal disposable blasting abrasive for especially sensitive surfaces which must not come in contact with iron during the blasting process, for example, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. AFESIKOS has the same excellent properties as our other blasting abrasives from slag tap granulate, but is furthermore suitable for particularly gentle blast cleaning.

Product data sheet AFESIKOS, german
Product data sheet AFESIKOS, english

The ultrafine blasting abrasive ASILIT, consisting of slag tap granulate, is especially well suited for gentle cleaning of very sensitive façades. It has been used on historic buildings as well, for instance Cologne cathedral or the Red City Hall in Berlin. Furthermore, ASILIT is suitable for the removal of graffiti and the blasting of wood, as may be necessary on half-timbered buildings. We obtain the especially fine grain sizes of ASILIT with special, ultramodern production facilities at our blasting abrasives plant in Lünen.

Product data sheet ASILIT, german
Product data sheet ASILIT, english

The decorative mineral building material ASILUX is used as a facing material, for instance in concrete blocks, paving slabs, curbs, exposed-aggregate concrete and façade cladding, giving the materials to which it is added a characteristic gloss.

Product data sheet ASILUX, german
Product data sheet ASILUX, english

Our gritting material ASILGRIP is used above all by the asphalt industry. In road building, the mineral is applied to the new layers of bitumen – ensuring an optimum grip on the new roads right from the start.

Product data sheet ASILGRIP, german
Product data sheet ASILGRIP, english

The iron-free, reusable blasting abrasive garnet is obtained from a natural mineral of the same name, garnet (almandine), and is therefore especially environment-friendly. Garnet is noted for its long service life. Owing to its properties it is ideal for treating surfaces of non-ferrous metals. It is also used for minimum-dust dry blasting with compressed air.

Product data sheet Garnet, german
Product data sheet Garnet, english

Our glass bead blasting abrasives are made from fused sodium glass and are therefore especially environmentally friendly. The iron-free beads are suitable for a wide range of applications and are used, for example, for finish blasting and burnishing, shot peening, cleaning of sensitive surfaces and blasting of non-ferrous metals.

Product data sheet Glass beads, german
Product data sheet Glass beads, english

Our synthetic, iron-free reusable blasting abrasive corundum consists of electrically fused, crystallized aluminum oxide. It is available in three variants which differ as to the aluminum oxide content (from 50 to over 99.3 percent). Corundum is versatile in use and suitable, inter alia, for blast cleaning, matting, and blasting of non-ferrous metals.

Product data sheet Corundum, german
Product data sheet Corundum, english

The angular-grain, hard, reusable metallic blasting abrasive cast iron sand is used in compressed air blasting processes for blast cleaning, roughening and derusting, among other applications.

Product data sheet Cast iron sand, german
Product data sheet Cast iron sand, english

Steel grit is a cast, broken, angular-grain, reusable metallic blasting abrasive noted for its maximum service life. With steel grit, surfaces are perfectly prepared for further treatment. It can be used in both compressed air and centrifugal wheel blasting and is suitable for blast cleaning, roughening, cleaning of castings, descaling and derusting. This blasting abrasive even is used to treat the surfaces of offshore wind turbines to protect them from aggressive sea water. We offer steel grit in various degrees of hardness.

Product data sheet Steel grit, german
Product data sheet Steel grit, english

The reusable metallic blasting abrasive steel shot consists of cast, round steel grains and is especially well suited for treating surfaces with centrifugal wheel blasting equipment. Equally, steel shot can be used for blast cleaning, shot peening, cleaning of foundry sand from castings, descaling or derusting.

Product data sheet Steel-Shot, german
Product data sheet Steel-Shot, english

Storage & Transport

Whether bulk material or Big Bag: Our abrasives and industrial minerals are available in various delivery forms.

We deliver our blasting abrasives and industrial minerals optionally as loose bulk material, by truck or by ship, in big bags of different sizes, or in 25-kilo bags on europallets. In addition, we offer mobile site containers of various sizes and designs to users of loose blasting abrasives for buffer storage of bulk materials at construction sites. 

It goes without saying that we also supply you with the desired product “just in time”. We expand this concept, however, to “just in time – but safety first”, because safe transport of the goods in compliance with the law is our primary concern. We comply with loading regulations on the securing of cargo and weighing of trucks as a matter of course. If necessary, customers collecting goods are also provided with relevant information on load safety and any auxiliary equipment they may require.

Data exchange with customers and suppliers made even simpler

Since 2016, multilingual terminals have been installed at the entrance and exit of the Lünen blasting abrasives plant, allowing all the necessary information and documents to be exchanged and generated directly on the spot. This makes the collection process as simple and efficient as possible. Optimization of the plant logistics is an important component in process optimization at our company.

Flexibility for customers and forwarding agents: Euro pallet exchange system

The majority of our abrasives are packed on Euro pallets and so prepared for transport to the customer.

EP Power Minerals’ Euro pallet exchange system stipulates that when products are collected or delivered on Euro pallets, a corresponding number of empty pallets must be returned in exchange by the customer or the contracted forwarding agent. The pallets must be in an exchangeable condition and will be checked against the EPAL checklist: CHECKLIST

For customers collecting goods, there is no charge for the Euro pallets in the case of a one-for-one exchange. If no Euro pallets are returned during collection, the customer will be charged for the pallets. In the case of delivery by our forwarding agents, there is no charge for the Euro pallets if they are exchanged one for one. However, if the forwarder does not receive a corresponding number of Euro pallets back from the customer upon delivery, a charge will also be made in this case on receipt of the delivery note by EP Power Minerals.

The exchange system and the options for dealing with the Euro pallets are shown in the diagram below.

Euro pallet exchange system

Do you have any questions about our blasting abrasives? Then please feel free to contact us.